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Yep they speak English but that doesn't mean you will always understand what's being said ... here's a few pointers to some Kiwi terms with a relevant English phrase where applicable.

A - B

Good arvo = Good afternoon (a greeting)
That'll take big bickies = That'll take a lot of money
That's a beaut = That's a beauty
What a blue duck =  What a failure (i.e. a person)
That's bung = That's busted / broken

C - D

Chews = Sweeties
I'm chocker = I'm stuffed / full of food etc
It was choice = It was especially good
I feel crook = I feel ill
He's a bit of a dill = He's a bit of a plonker (stupid)
That's dinkum = That's smashing / great

F - G

A fart sack = A sleeping bag
A fizz boat = A boat with an outboard motor
Shut your gate = Shut your mouth
A gerry = Someone who is old / an OAP/ a geriatric
Let's get some greasies = Let's get a takeaway (meal)
Grog = Any kind of alcohol (usually strong)

H - L

Kia Ora = Good luck/Welcome (in the Maori language)
On the knocker = On the dot (i.e. do something straight away)
Go and knock him up = Go and wake him up
Lamburger = Lamb in a bun
I'll have a lash at that = I'll have a go at that
And you'll be away laughing = And Bob's your uncle / And you'll be successful
A loopie = A tourist

M - N

He's a bit mingie = He's a bit stingy (mean with his money)
Molly-Dooker = Someone who is left-handed.
My oath! = An expression that means "I agree"
A mystery bag = A sausage
A nark = Someone who is annoying
To be narked = To be annoyed, peeved
In the nick = Wearing no clothes, nude
No worries mate = That will be perfectly alright (as if you didn't know that one!)
No flies on him / her = Describing someone who is smart
Not much chop = Not much cop / not much good
Not the full quid = A few biscuits short of a packet (i.e. someone who is a bit dim)

O - R

Oldies = Any old people or your parents
Plastic fantastic = A credit card
I'm poked = I'm knackered / exhausted
A pollie = An MP / politician
A Pom / Pomie = Someone from Britain
Rafferty's rules = Absolutely no rules whatsoever!
I'm rapt = I'm chuffed / pleased
Rare as rocking horse shit = Something that is extremely rare (... obviously)
A ringer = Someone who is an expert on something

S - T

A sheila = a girl / woman
I'm shook on him / her = I fancy him / her (in the romantic sense)
A smoko = A break from work (usually for a smoke)
A snork = A baby or toddler
I'll take a squiz at it = I'll take a look at it
I'm stonkered = I'm stumped (i.e. To be stopped by something / one)
I'm straight = I'm sober, not drunk etc
A swiftie = A clever trick (usually a dishonest one; i.e. he's pulled a swiftie)
The other side = Australia
That's tonky = That's fashionable / trendy
Top shelf stuff = When you offer to buy someone a drink and they say this it means spirits rather than beer

U - Z

Underground mutton = Rabbit meat
Veggies = Vegetables
Whykickamookau = A joke Maori place name
A windie = A wind-surfer
A Yahoo = A yobbo / yob (i.e. Someone who is rowdy)

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