Who are We?

The Founder Members in Malta - 1995 From left to right: Andy, Phil & Tosh

The Bandanna Club was formed in October 1995, by Dave (Tosh) Thomas, Andy Patterson and myself (Phil McKenzie), whilst on a diving holiday in Malta.

We met through the Sealed Knot Society, where we were all members of the same Royalist Regiment, Sir Marmaduke Rawdon's Regiment of Foote. Tosh and Andy had been members for a number of years, but I was a new recruit.

As a joke, Tosh and Andy purchased three Nike Bandannas from a local sportswear shop, while we were waiting for our diving instructor to turn up. The Bandannas became our "colours" and we would wear them whenever we got together as a group. Our friendship has gone from strength to strength.

Our partners and friends have also joined in and we have had some wonderful times together. Over the last few years, both Tosh and Andy & Trina were blessed with bouncing baby boys; representing the future of the Bandanna club, as the next generation.

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