Events - Good times

As well our diving, abseiling and other activities, we enjoy partying with with the best of them. To that end we've had some pretty good nights out all over the place.

Here's a handful of highlights.

  • Amsterdam Amsterdam

    Andy, Phil and Tosh check out the Bohemian capital of Europe.

  • Fancy Dress Fancy Dress

    Shots from various parties we've attended in Fancy dress.

  • Glastonbury Glastonbury 2000

    The biggest open-air festival in Europe ... and we were there.

  • Halloween Halloween

    A particularly memorable party at Andy and Tri's place - good times at their best.

  • Hangi Hangi Page

    Phil introduces traditional Maori cooking methods - food cooked in an earth oven.

  • Hyde Park Hyde Park

    Phil checks out the 2006 gig of the year (includes Photo Galleries of 2009 and 2008).

  • Live Jive Live Jive 2006

    BBQ's simply DON'T come better than this.

  • Nick's Place Nick's Place

    Bio on our mate Nick, including streaming video displays of his amazing fire-eating skills.

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